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Stunning Hand Illustrated Dragon Scarves

creates beautiful mystical dragon silk scarves in a wide assortment of colors and floral designs. The scarves are inspired by the mythical beast, are re-imagined as friendly beasts in a quest of beautifying clothing accessories like silk scarves in feminine designs. The artist behind My Dragon Spirit has always been in a lifetime quest of discovering fantasy and fairytale, and her passion ran as wild as her imagination. Here, her art was conceived and My Dragon Spirit began its mission to reawaken childhood princess and warrior dreams with their medieval style silk scarves.

Each piece and design is original and is printed with its own adventurous tale. The designs are initially hand-painted with ink before being transferred to a digital scanner and printed as color translations on the silk material. Fashionable, exotic and artistic, these scarves make statement accessories perfect for any occasion. Find the entire collection in their.