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DIY Paper Lamps That Will Remind You of The Sea

When you are down, it often feels as if you are drowning in a sea of pain and sadness. While the walk on the beach might lighten up your mood, the sea might not be always that nearby to your home. For moments like this, beautiful lamps are created in reminiscent of the sea.

Inspired by the Dutch seaside, Netherlands based design studio VasiliLights creates magical paper lamps that take the form of the majestic creatures who live in and around the sea. The artists have handcrafted a squid in blue, the perforated piece illuminating the room by letting the light rays to pass through. If you like the idea of an orange fish creating an ambiance in your house, a soft glow to bask in, you will find such a light here. Even playful turtles are there, stunning DIY creations that look delicate yet very beautiful as they hang from the ceiling.

Find them in their Etsy shop to have your own aquatic lamps driving away the midnight blues.

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