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Annie Tarasova and Her Dreamy Moons

Annie Tarasova’s love affair with the universe, especially the planets and the stars, is not a secret to anyone who has viewed her compositions where these elements are the main focus.

The young artist is based in Adelaide, South Australia has always found herself drawn towards the art, intrigued by the plethora of colors fusing into one another to give birth to something new. A true senophile, Tarasova’s Etsy Shop, called Dreamy Moons highlights the luminous moon in all its glory, a giant pearl embellishing the night sky, provoking poets to write a few lines, inspired by its beauty. The artist’s watercolor renditions and gemstone illustrations have an embedded hue of realism in them, alluring everyone who sets their eyes on her sublime pieces. Though her Etsy shop, she has begun its journey fairly recently, her impressive artworks have already won many hearts.

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