Stress Management Tips

1. Breathe slowly and deeply: Shallow chest breathing makes your heart beat faster, and tenses your muscles, so you feel more stressed. In contrast, breathing slowly and deeply helps you feel much more relaxed.

2. Visualize yourself being calm and relaxed: Imagine all your stress being washed away; or try and visualize yourself in a peaceful scene such as lying on the beach or in a garden, with a book.

3. Smile: Research shows that when we force ourselves to smile it actually improves the way we feel.

4. Write your feelings down on paper: Writing gives us a way to express how we feel, and it helps to release our pent-up emotions.

5. Count to 10: Give yourself some distance and time before responding. If you react right away you might regret it later on.

6. Go for a walk: Endorphins are released by any form of exercise. These improve our mood and help us keep things more in balance.

7. Soak in a hot bath: There’s nothing like relaxing in a hot bubble bath to reduce your stress levels and improve the way you feel.

8. Turn up the music: We all have favourite music that distracts us from our problems, and listening to that music can help us feel less stressed.