Tips for Dealing with Feelings of Social Awkwa…

1. Recognize that most people feel that way at times – even if they hide it well, and they look quite confident.

2. Pay attention to your selftalk. Don’t criticize yourself. Be kind and understanding, and gentle with yourself.

3. Try to locate the source of your feelings. Is it because you are in a new situation and don’t know what is expected of you? Is it because you’re naturally introverted and shy? Is it because you’ve been bullied or made fun of it the past? Is it because you feel you don’t belong, or haven’t been accepted by the people you are with?

4. Attack and address the source of those negative feelings. Work on accepting, valuing and thinking well of yourself. Also, making small talk, being friendly and chatting naturally are skills that you can work on and master over time.

5. Expect things to go well, and focus hard on being relaxed.

6. Try to act confident (ignore the way you feel). You’ll find that you feel better, less anxious and afraid.