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“So many people know me.
I wish I did.
I wish someone would tell me about me.”

Joseph L. Mankiewicz

“I have a deeply hidden and inarticulate desire for something beyond the daily life.”

Virginia Woolf

“You don’t have a soul.
You are a soul.
You have a body.”

C.S. Lewis

“I am not strange. I am just not normal.”

Salvador Dalí

“I’m up to my ears in unwritten words.”

J.D. Salinger

“If someone hurt you, abandoned you, betrayed says nothing about your meaningfulness but everything about their character.”

Krystal Volney

“If you can’t be a poet, be the poem.”

David Carradine

“Goddammit everybody in the world wants an explanation for your acts and for your very being.”

Jack Kerouac

“Sometimes…it’s easier to tell a stranger something very personal. It’s like there’s less risk, opening yourself up to someone who doesn’t know you.”

Linwood Barclay

“Good books make you ask questions. Bad readers want everything answered.”

Scott Westerfeld