Category: mentalillness

1. Count your blessings; practice being thankful.

2. Do something small to make someone else smile.

3. Enjoy spending quality time with yourself.

4. Be your own cheerleader and your own best friend.

5. Waste an hour doing something that you really love.

6. Set aside your electronics for an hour.

7. Experiment and try a new activity.

8. Go to bed when you’re tired; get plenty of sleep.

Life is an echo. What you send out comes back. What you sow you reap. What you give you get. What you see in others exists in you.

Sometimes the best way to get someone’s attention is to stop giving them yours.

When something bad happens you have three choices: You can let it define you, you can let it destroy you, or you can let it strengthen you

People grow when they are loved well. If you want to help others heal, love them without an agenda.

Know who you are. Know what you want. Know what you deserve. And don’t settle for less.

I’m thankful for my struggle for without it I wouldn’t have stumbled against my strength.

1. They treat you as if you are not important.

2. They prioritise other people and things over you.

3. They show more interest in another person.

4. They push you away when you try to get close

5. They deliberately hurt you – and don’t seem to care.

6. They complicate life in unnecessary ways.

7. They leave you feeling miserable, unwanted and upset.

Be happy in the moment. That’s enough. Each moment is all we need.

We can’t hate ourselves into a version of ourselves we can love.