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How to be social when you don’t feel like it

1. Give your energy level a boost. It’s hard to be friendly, and to focus on others, if you’re feeling really tired and would rather be in bed. To keep going, grab some coffee or a bite to eat, or go outside for a few minutes, and get some cool, fresh air.

2. Have some tactics at the ready if you don’t know the people – or if you have to be with people you would rather avoid. For example, if you don’t like the people, ask a friend to go with you … and have a great excuse for leaving once you’ve done the minimum.

3. Plan ahead to avoid conflict. Aim to stay in control of your reactions and emotions – and resist the pressure to take part in arguments.

4. Control your contribution. If you’re quiet and introverted then value you who you are. Don’t expect yourself to be a party animal. Show respect for yourself by taking time out if you need to, and only talk to people that you want to be around.

5. See it as a chance to practices a few social skills. Take the pressure off yourself by practising your social skills. For example, ask a few open questions, and keep the focus on the speaker. Try and come across as friendly through your use of body language – like making good eye contact and smiling while you talk.


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Self Care Tips for when you’re Feeling Lonely

1. Hang out at your favourite coffee shop.

2. Go for a walk in nature.

3. Spend time with you pet.

4. Spend time laughing over funny memories.

5. Have a photoshoot.

6. Go shopping (or window shopping.)

7. Binge watch a TV show you love.

8. Make a playlist.

9. Get in touch with an old friend.

10. Clear out your closet or organize your room.


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7 Things to Stop Worrying About

1. Other peoples’ expectations of you. At the end of the day, it’s your life not their life – so just be yourself and set,and go for, your own goals.

2. What other people say and do. It’s not up to us to control other people, or to change how they act, or to make their decisions.

3. Expecting perfection. It’s unrealistic to aim for perfection. You’ll just be disappointed and discouraged all the time.

4. Getting it wrong. We all make mistakes in our journey through this life. That’s simply part of learning, and being normal and human.

5. Fitting in. Although social skills matter, and it’s good to think of others, you also need to be yourself – a special, unique individual. Beware – conformity can kill individuality.

6. Being right. This is highly over-rated and can cause a lot of stress. If you’re confident and real you don’t need to prove you’re right!

7. Life being out of control. At the end of the day, there’s not much we can control – except our own reactions and our attitudes to problems. So change what you can – and then relax and enjoy life.


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In life, it’s important to know when to …

In life, it’s important to know when to stop arguing with people and simply let them be wrong.