Category: sadness

She picked up the pieces of her life and created something beautiful. From that day forth she shone like the sun and changed the definition of broken.

Sometimes the most healing thing we can do is remind ourselves, over and over, that other people feel this too.

Always defend your right to heal at your own pace. You are taking your time. You are allowed to take your time.

1. Count your blessings; practice being thankful.

2. Do something small to make someone else smile.

3. Enjoy spending quality time with yourself.

4. Be your own cheerleader and your own best friend.

5. Waste an hour doing something that you really love.

6. Set aside your electronics for an hour.

7. Experiment and try a new activity.

8. Go to bed when you’re tired; get plenty of sleep.

Eventually he will only be a memory of what you didn’t want from love.

It is sad when someone you know becomes someone you knew.

1. Shower, brush your teeth and put on clean clothes

2. Eat regularly; include some fruit and veg in your diet

3. Get out of the house at some point in the day

4. Get at least 20 minutes of exercise

5. Listen to some comforting or meaningful music

6. Talk to at least one other person

7. Think about 2 things that could make your life worth living

8. Write down 3 things you are grateful for.

1. Accept it; don’t fight it. Trying to understand and fight those heavy painful feelings, will usually weigh you down and drain away your energy.

2. Be nice to yourself. Don’t make things worse by beating yourself

3. Do that one thing that’s nagging on your mind the most. It will help to boost your feelings and release some energy.

4. Think about the little things that help to bring you pleasure – like walking in the sunshine or smelling fresh spring flowers.

5. Remind yourself that this will pass, and something will get better. You just need to hang in there, and wait it out for now.

Depression is something that doesn’t just go away. It’s just there … and you deal with it … and you stay out of situations that are going to trigger it.

Hope is being able to see there is light despite all the darkness.